moveproTEC is an owner-led consultancy firm specialised in the evaluation of processes and quality systems for the life science industries. I will assess your company regarding performance, compliance, risk, or quality and identify appropriate proposals for improvement. I provide a reliable decision basis for investments and project controlling, in patent licensing and for process or quality due diligence within mergers & aquisitions as well as for risk-oriented status report in annual financial statements.


I apply tools that I have been reliably using for years and leave the rest to my partners or approved service providers. By using sound operating figures and key data, performance and quality levels become obvious, our customers say.


My philosophy
Condensing data to knowledge – concentration on the essentials.


The result
Maximum transparency based on valuable process and quality operational data.


In this way, knowledge of your own strengths creates the basis for success tomorrow.
I provide active, experienced and enthusiastic support in helping you to achieve your goals!

„The real discovery is not in detecting virgin soil, but seeing it with new eyes."

Marcel Proust

„Visualizing quality."